This pipe has been sold.

This is a pipe inspired by Bo Nordh's famous Nautilus shape. I remember clearly how stunned I was the first time I saw a picture of it.

First, the defects: the stem is just 'ok.' There are two visible sandpits that I stabilized (fancy word for "filled") with a small drop of cyanoacrilate. Both sandpits are less than half a millimeter, thought, so it's not a big deal, really. No, really.

Now on to the good part. The grain is great; the transition between flame grain and birdseye can be seen clearly in the bottom of the stummel. The lines are good, with lots of curves and planes intersecting with each other. This is a fun pipe.

Length: 76mm/122mm - Width: 36mm - Height: 50mm - Chamber Depth: 26mm - Chamber diameter: 20mm


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